Today's multiscreen video requirements mean more platforms, more content and metadata, and higher consumer expectations than ever before. Content owners and service providers increasingly face a number of new challenges when rolling out seamless multiscreen experiences and existing infrastructures are often unable to scale with current demand. Clearleap's best in class, cloud-based IP video platform is the only technology built to securely manage, process, and deliver massive video libraries to traditional TV systems and to the end consumer via OTT-like experiences. Clearleap's unique set of Pay TV expertise, combined with the best and the brightest from top Internet / online companies, has enabled us to create an innovative technology platform from the ground up, to solve today's multiscreen needs. Privately held, Clearleap has its global headquarters in Duluth, GA. with offices in Atlanta and NYC, and a European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Major customers include HBO, Food Network, Travel Channel, Verizon, and Time Warner.


Braxton Jarratt - Clearleap CEO - Interviewed at Connected World 2013

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