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Fortium Technologies, a leading provider of post-production content security for the film, entertainment and broadcast sectors, is show-casing MediaSealâ„¢ - the first integrated encryption product to work on professional authoring systems where files remain encrypted 'at rest' while being edited. Its triple layer security authenticates authorised users through hardware keys with AES encryption wrappers ensuring password protected files can only be viewed or worked on by the intended recipients. A stolen clip, script, audio track or image can be the most costly and unwelcome event for a producer. Content theft not only has a business impact, but it is a personal violation of the creative process.

· Files are protected in Post Production e.g. in editing, ADR, sound dubbing and translation
· Prevents leaks of unfinished or preview content e.g. TV series premiers and new movies
· Authorised recipients only can access files which remain protected 'at rest'
· Timed access of files sent in advance for broadcast

MediaSeal functions on Windows and Mac for ProTools, Avid, Adobe etc – a 'must have' insurance to ensure the highest levels of seamless security during production. MediaSeal improves efficiency in workflows without adding time and has been live with NBC Universal since 2011 on major releases.


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