Metrological offers a cutting-edge cloud based middleware and app platform suitable for any connected device, the Metrological Application Framework. It is fully hardware and software agnostic as it runs in a browser. It seamlessly integrates linear TV optionally as an app and online content through the same intuitive interface across all types of devices, and offers contextual apps running within the TV experience.

The Metrological Application Platform offers operators the opportunity to monetize their connection to the households. Metrological can service an unlimited amount of app platforms simultaneously as well as an unlimited amount of apps.

The operator controls the Metrological Application Platform and provides their subscribers any type of service via an App. Through a direct connection with the operators or SaaS model, Metrological can offer a managed service distributed to the subscriber household on top of the traditional linear Content distributed by Broadcasters. Content providers will benefit by having access to all the operators households across devices with only one app.

It is our mission to provide an open standard, focusing on the consumer experience while ensuring ubiquity: consumers should decide when, where and how they access the content they want.

Metrological's customer base consists of tier one cable and telecommunications companies, guaranteed to reach millions of households. With its proven technology, Metrological is a proud supplier of Liberty Global for the Horizon project.