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Organizations in the digital media industry deal with volumes of media content, in different formats, with a variety of different standards. Managing and ensure content integrity and quality is a challenge that broadcaster, cable network operators, IPTV and digital media providers, and Codec developers face on a daily basis.

MiraVid provides a suite of complementary quality assurance solutions for digital media test and measurement to help companies attain the highest quality, error-free video throughout their entire media distribution chain from acquisition to transmission. MiraVid solutions range from real-time video monitoring with built in MPEG conformance testing to high volume offline content validation to high-quality analysis tools that are used to optimize compression efficiency or debug any MPEG based product or distribution process.

• Real-time Multi-viewer & Analyzer
• Optimized Media File Analyzer
• Automated File-based Content Validation & Quality Assurance

Our solutions delivers quality assurance to markets including Mobile Video, IPTV, VOD, broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Digital Media Providers, and Codec Development.

• Video Headend Technicians
• Broadcast Video Operators
• Cable Network Operators
• Digital Video Engineers
• Compression specialists
• Streaming Media Providers
• Encoder/Decoder, System Developers
• DTV Solution Providers

Website: www.miravid.com

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