SDN Square

SDN Square was established to tackle reliability and performance issues of 'large files' and 'streams' in storage systems and IP networks. The solutions are based on SDN (Software Defined Networking) and Lossless Ethernet and from the basis of a software based media organisation and the 'SDI to IP' transition. SDN Square empowers media organisations with guaranteed performance, reliability, maximum efficiency and linear scalability in their storage, datacentre and networks; leading to a significant operational improvement and cost reduction. WARP is a linear scalable storage datacentre solution (up to 1280Gbps). Able to run 4K and 8K in a centralized and collaborative way, and to manage bandwidth per application. SDND is a network solution providing highly automated flow-based end to end network provisioning, guaranteeing dedicated network resources for each flow. In this way the system can guarantee lossless transfer of each flow/application at the provisioned speed.