Modern media has evolved from traditional video broadcasting and newspapers to a fully interactive and connected digital ecosystem in which the amount of data to be handled along with bandwidth and memory demands are increasing at an exceptional rate. Finding suitable technological solutions to support modern media processes is now a key challenge for the survival of this industry.

In this context, we will demonstrate how VISION Cloud, a next generation storage cloud, can facilitate a typical media production workflow. In this live, interactive demonstration, users can actually go through the steps involved in producing a video, going from content search, to content annotation and edit to exporting the produced video. VISION Cloud's advanced functionality, such as support for rich metadata and the ability to select and execute computational modules (storlets) near where the data is stored without having to incur network transfer costs and latency delays, will show how a media organization could use such a system for nimble, cost efficient, cloud-based collaboration across geographies.

Partners from the VISION Cloud consortium will be on hand to explain the technologies that can be made available to your organization.


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